Applied Prevention Science International  Education Center 

The Applied Prevention Science International (APSI - EC) offers professional and continuing education through a variety of online, face-to-face, and blended programming that are designed to meet the needs of the prevention practice community.  Comprehensive curricula, as well as individual courses, present the latest research-based interventions and policies that have been shown to be effective in preventing the onset and progression of problem behaviors such as substance use—especially in children and adolescents.  These evidence-based prevention practices are among the best tested and reliable interventions and policies that are now available.  These promise the most success when implemented skillfully by trained prevention professionals.

APSI collaborates with sponsors to design educational strategies to fit the needs of their trainees. These include combinations of online and face-to-face sessions on knowledge, skills, and competency development. Our goals are to help participants master evidence-based prevention and succeed in bringing these effective prevention interventions and strategies to reality in the community.

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