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Discover the groundbreaking insights shared by top experts at the National Prevention Science Coalition's recent event, co-sponsored by the Edna Bennett Pierce Prevention Research Center. Unveiling the critical need for evidence-based solutions, these experts outlined a visionary blueprint for revolutionizing youth-focused prevention programs. From unveiling cost-effective strategies to surmounting implementation barriers, delve into the cutting-edge discussions that are reshaping the landscape of youth well-being. 

Let's talk about Prevention

What is Prevention? 

Defining Prevention Science

What are Evidence-Based Prevention Interventions and Policies? 

Foundational Resources for Prevention Knowledge

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Our Community

Organizations, friends and colleagues that work tirelessly to promote and support the implementation of evidence based prevention interventions and the professionalization of the prevention field around the world 

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Our Scientific Advisors Say...


“Which prevention programs and policies are truly worthy of being considered “evidence-based”? I’ve been thinking about the answer to this challenging question for decades.  The difference between what can – and what should not – be called “evidence-based” is often critical, if we are  to avoid wasting the limited available resources we can expend on prevention.  But that difference is often difficult to discern, and as evidence accumulates  over time the status of a given program and policy may well change.  Sifting through the evidence on a continuing basis, and making recommendations as to what should and should not be implemented, is the job of the entire community involved in the application of prevention science.”

Chris Ringwalt, DrPH 

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