"Prevention science has identified the most effective strategies for helping children, youth and adults make positive connections and engagement with their families, schools, workplace and community. We are working to bring these evidence-based prevention interventions and policies to communities both in the US and across the world. "                                                                       

                                           Zili Sloboda

                                          President & CEO

Our Mission

APSI is a not-for-profit organization that specializes in promoting prevention science and its application to prevention services in the community. To accomplish this, the APSI Team applies its expertise in the conduct of epidemiologic and prevention research, communications, consultation, and professional training. The ultimate goal is to increase the capacity of practitioners to provide their communities with the most effective prevention programming to address substance use and other problem behaviors and their consequences.

Applied Prevention Science International (APSI) is a not-for-profit organization that provides a bridge between the rigors of prevention science and the needs of prevention policy and practice. APSI accomplishes this through education, training, consultation, technical assistance, and guidance on implementing evidence-based prevention programming.  


Applied Prevention Science International (APSI) was established in 2013 to collaborate with prevention leadership in research, policy and practice to bring evidence-based prevention to communities. The goals are to help prevention practitioners to implement and sustain evidence-based (EB) prevention interventions and policies in their communities.  


APSI Education Center offers professional and continuing education through a variety of online, face-to-face, and blended programming designed to meet the needs of the prevention practice community.  With comprehensive curricula and individual courses, APSI presents the latest research-based interventions and policies that have been shown to be effective in preventing the onset and progression of problem behaviors such as violence and substance use.


APSI provides a wide range of consultation services that assist in the planning, implementation, sustainability, and evaluation of evidence-based prevention interventions and policies in communities around the world. 


APSI President Dr. Zili Sloboda is a globally renowned, highly-published prevention researcher who leads an interdisciplinary team of professionals with expertise in research and evaluation, health communications, prevention services, professional education, and community and international affairs. APSI also relies on the expertise and knowledge of the best researchers in the different areas of prevention. 


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