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Prevention Highlights

In honoring our commitment to bring forward the latest informations and knowledge in Prevention Science and it's application to practice, we introduce "Prevention Highlights" where, from time to time we will publish different briefs, papers and other works important to the evolution of the evidence-based prevention practice.




Prescription Drugs


Strategy for Prevention Opioid Use Disorders in Communities 

Dr. Diana Fishbein, FPG Child Development Institute and NPSC

Dr. Zili Sloboda, APSI

Dr. Melissa Clapper-Faith, FPG Child Development Institute

Dr. Lora Peppard, ADAPT 

Screenshot 2022-06-10 at 13.37.36.png


What about prevention? A science-based response to school shootings

By Anthony Biglan, Diana Fishbein and Michael B. Greeen. Opinion Contributors - THE HILL 

Screenshot 2022-07-07 at 10.33.05.png


World Drug Report 2022

United Nations Office of Drugs and Crime


A Proclamation on National Youth Substance Use Prevention Month, 2022

The White House


Commentary on The Culture of Prevention

Zili Sloboda, ScD. Susan David, MPH


A National Strategy for Preventing Substance and Opioid Use Disorders Through Evidence‐Based Prevention Programming that Fosters Healthy Outcomes in Our Youth

Diana Fishbein, PhD. Zili Sloboda, ScD. 

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Role of Law Enforcement Officers in Drug Prevention Within School Settings

United Nations Office of Drugs and Crime - UNODC

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