Prevention Live!

Prevention Live is a forum to hear from prevention researchers and practitioners who are working to apply the knowledge and skills from prevention science to the real world of prevention practice.  You will hear a wide range of prevention topics that relate to behavioral problems which focus on the etiology and interventions that have been shown to be effective.  You will also hear about the multidisciplinary backgrounds of leaders in the field who have “landed in prevention” as their ultimate field of choice.  Please join us for these live events or stream those events that have already taken place.

Prevention Talks is an online discussion  with speakers who will explore some of the current issues and their potential impact on prevention research and practice. Speakers represent a variety of stakeholders in the field including prevention decision-makers at the state and regional level; prevention scientists discussing recent findings with practice implications; and prevention and practice experts working in the primary contexts of prevention services

PREVENTION PORTRAITS is a series of informal interviews with scientists, professionals and other stakeholders who are contributing to prevention knowledge and practice around the world. We are hoping to bring you closer to their brilliant careers, experience and their professional path in the prevention field.

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