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Training Plans

APSI-EC offers a series of training packages with different instructional methodologies, always including interactive exercises on the application of the information to their own setting. We will work with you to develop the most comprehensive learning/training plan to satisfy the needs of your participating prevention professionals, your prevention organizations and their communities. 


The following is a menu of customizable training methodology packages for organizations we currently offer:














As all the packages emphasize active participation during the training, we limit 30 participants to one trainer.


Contact us to inquire about APSI-UPC plans, programs, and training packages and how we can support the professional development of prevention professionals in your organization and communities. 

On-site training knowledge and skills-based training 

On-Line knowledge-based training

Blended knowledge and skills-based training

Three-hour private web-based courses

Training Participants share their learning and experience with us... 

“Being new to prevention, one thing I learned…was the etiology model. I plan to use that in my work when determining risk and protective factors.” 

“One thing I learned is the importance of each step in the community-based implementation process.” 

"Stating clear objectives of what I expect to get as a result of a meeting . I have seen that done but have no objectives myself. I now realize how valuable that is"

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