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Services and Resources

Technical Assistance

APSI offers technical assistance to people and organizations working on substance use prevention programming to help them bring evidence-based (EB) prevention interventions and policies to their organization or community. EB interventions have been shown to be the most effective after extensive research so they have the potential for positive outcomes when well-implemented. APSI offers guidance in planning, needs and resource assessments, matching needs to EB interventions and policies, implementation guidance, and monitoring and evaluation approaches.

Strategic Planning and Consultation

APSI provides advice and consultation on the planning and implementation of evidence-based (EB) prevention programming at the national, state and community level. With planning based on an EB implementation model, APSI helps communities or programs assess their needs and resources and works with them to match those needs to the most effective interventions and policies. APSI also helps them develop monitoring and evaluation approaches to assess their progress after implementation.


As part of our mission to promote the most effective substance use prevention interventions and policies in communities, APSI provides consultation to prevention planners and implementers on designing appropriate methods of monitoring and evaluating (M&E) their programs.  Monitoring, or program evaluation, gives practitioners current information on their progress and helps them determine if they need to modify their program activities or approaches. Evaluations provide data from key outcome measures in the short- medium- and long-term.  In addition to APSI’s extensive experience with evaluation, the team understands how to communicate the often-complex aspects of M&E from its training experience on the Foundations of Prevention Science and Practice Curriculum and the Universal Prevention Curriculum.

Key Notes and Workshops

APSI develops and presents keynote addresses and educational workshops designed to communicate the significant results of prevention science and their application to prevention practice.  Directed primarily to those working in prevention, keynotes depict the nature and extent of substance use according to the latest epidemiological data; and then relate the evidence-based interventions and policies best suited for the problem. Workshops incorporate the science with interactive opportunities for participants to plan and identify evidence-based approaches for actual application to their situation.

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