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Rebekah Hersch, Ph.D. 

Rebekah Hersch, Ph.D., is Interim Associate Vice President for Research and Innovation at George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia (Workplace). Prior to Dr. Hersch joining the staff at George Mason University, she was Senior Research Scientist and Senior Vice President at ISA Associates in Alexandria, Virginia.  Dr. Hersch received her Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology from Clark University in Worcester, MA and her Ph.D. in Applied Social Psychology (with a concentration on health) at The George Washington University in Washington, D.C.  Dr. Hersch has been conducting workplace-based health promotion and substance abuse prevention research and development for over 25 years.  The recent focus of her research has been on the application of multimedia technology and health behavior change theory and science to address behavioral health problems and improve the wellness.  The programs developed and field-tested address a myriad of health problems including substance abuse, cardiovascular disease, stress, and mental illness and have be tested in a wide-variety of workplaces. Dr. Hersch was the Principal Investigator or Senior Research Scientist on a number of technology-based multimedia programs designed to address substance use including Parent Power:  Raising Safe and Drug Free Kids; Prevention Connection: Integrating Substance Abuse Prevention and Health Promotion; Going Forward, a relapse prevention program; and Healthy WorkLife, a health promotion and substance abuse prevention program for young, working adults. Dr. Hersch also served as a Research Scientist on the evaluation of Power Tools, a substance abuse prevention program for construction industry workers; and the Young Adults in the Workplace (YIW) project, which tested the effectiveness of a wellness and substance abuse prevention for young, hospital-based workers.  Dr. Hersch also served as a senior member of the research team evaluating the effectiveness of other web-based programs for working adults including:  Health Connection, addressing stress, nutrition, and exercise; Stress and Mood Management, focusing on stress management, depression, and anxiety; and Healthy Past 50, designed to address health and wellness among working adults age 50 and over

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