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Joyce Phelps 

Senior Training Consultant

Joyce Phelps, M.S. Ed., has applied her knowledge and skills in school settings, universities, NGOs and in private sector companies. As Programs and Training Vice President for a nonprofit positive prevention organization, she provided leadership for the development of a K-12 prevention program and its adaptation for international implementation. With her extensive experience in developing effective learning programs for adults, she designed the training for school personnel to prepare them to implement the school-based curricula and parent and community involvement components. To support the program’s growth within US schools and international expansion, she created and led a training of trainers (TOT) program with rigorous multi-step training and testing components. Within seven years of the TOT program’s launch, the training team had grown from 10 US-based trainers to over 100 world-wide. In support of the program’s international expansion, Ms. Phelps served as trainer for pilot teachers and also trained in-country trainers to assure capacity to support the program’s implementation. While Education Vice President for the International Youth Foundation, she successfully led the development of a life skills program, whose implementation began in rural and slum areas of Mexico and India. Her experience in facilitating learning for school personnel was invaluable to her work in the Philippines, in which she designed and led teacher training workshops focused on strategies for creating classrooms with positive climates and adjusting teaching styles to be more student centered and incorporate high-engagement learning activities for students. Before the project concluded, she trained and certified a team of trainers from throughout the country to continue this important teacher training work.


At Humana, Inc., her work supported the company’s goal of improving the health and well-being of its members/customers. Ms. Phelps led the design, development and delivery of Humana’s health coach training program, which recently (2015) was recognized as one of 42 programs approved by the National Consortium for Credentialing Health and Wellness Coaches. Through the coach training program, such health professionals as nurses, social workers, counselors and health educators gained knowledge and skills necessary for implementing Humana’s client-centered coaching process for individuals seeking to make positive changes in their health. In recognition of her exemplary work, in 2015 Humana presented her with its Woman of Distinction Award.

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