From our APSI President

“Prevention is an ever-evolving field.  Keeping current with effective prevention strategies can be a challenge.  Our goal is to  provide knowledge, skills, and assistance to professionals and institutions to support community health.”

                                                Zili Sloboda

                                               President & CEO


Our Mission


Addressing the substance use problem is a challenge to communities both here and around the world.  The ultimate goal is to intervene with the most effective prevention services. But often the professionals who are tasked with intervening to address substance use are not always trained on the latest evidence-based (EB) knowledge and skills to effectively deliver prevention services to the community.  Or they may be new to their job in prevention and anxious to receive high quality professional education.  To address this, APSI developed the Universal Prevention Curriculum Series (UPC) to provide such education and training to prevention professionals at the community or program service levels. Collaborating with prevention scientists and practitioners, APSI has succeeded in capturing the knowledge and skills needed for working in the field.

Training is one means to increase community capacity. Another is to provide advice and consultation on strategic planning and implementation of EB programs and policies, as well as undertaking monitoring and evaluation to assess such efforts when underway. APSI is also engaged with the prevention science community through the US and EU Societies for Prevention Science and independent interactions and networking with scientists from around the world.

In all efforts, APSI engages in a structured approach to planning and implementing each project, which includes: collaborative agreement with the sponsor on the aims and objectives; outline of proposed steps; proposed delivery schedule and products; assessment measures if appropriate; and periodic and final reports.

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