About Us

Applied Prevention Science International (APSI) is a not-for-profit organization that provides a bridge between the rigors of prevention science and the needs of prevention policy and practice. We have accomplished this through education, training, consultation, technical assistance, and guidance on implementing evidence-based prevention programming. Our purpose is to increase the capacity of practitioners to undertake evidence-based prevention services and, thus, provide their communities with the most effective prevention programming to address problem behaviors such as substance use and their consequences. 

Our team of experts and consultants also provide their expertise in the conduct of epidemiologic, evaluation, prevention and communications research, in addition to its practice, consultation and training services. We are best known for developing the Universal Prevention Curriculum (UPC) Series, a multi-million project funded by the US Department of State in partnership with various multilateral organization around the globe. Through UPC, we translated the results of 30 years of research on effective prevention interventions and policies into a professional education program for prevention practitioners.


Currently, we have been focusing our expertise and efforts in expanding prevention education and training to make it easily and readily available to prevention professionals around the world through the Applied Prevention Science International Education Center (APSI - EC).

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